Student Poster Session

Undergraduate and postgraduate students who are doing resource or economic research projects are invited to present posters at the South Australian Exploration and Mining Conference each year.

A judging panel award the best undergraduate and best postgraduate poster with a cash prize of $250 each, sponsored by AusIMM.

2018 Student Posters

Benjamin Kimpton

Richard Lilly (UoA) , Peter Rolley (Hillgrove Resources) and David Kelsey (UoA)


The geological relationship between Kanmantoo Cu-Au deposit mineralisation, hydrothermal metasomatism and igneous intrusives

Jan Varga

Tom Raimondo (UniSA), David E.Kelsey (U of A), Martin Hand (Uof A)


Hydration of the lower crust, metamorphic processes and deformation: direct constraints from an exceptional natural laboratory, central Australia

Claire Wade

Justin L. Payne (UniSA), Anthony J. Reid (UoA, GSSA) and Karin M. Barovich (UofA), WPG Resources, Rex Minerals and Investigator Resources


Mantle input in c. 1590 Ma Gawler Craton mineralising systems

Mitchell Bockmann

Justin Payne, Martin Hand, Laura Morrissey, Sarah Gilbert, Benjamin Wade, Rian Dutch, Anthony Reid, David E. Kelsey, Richard Flint


Titanite age and composition from calcic alteration in the Gawler Craton

Drew Lubiniecki

Rosalind King, Simon Holford, Mark Bunch, Steve Hill, Steve Hore


Neotectonic evolution of the Mt. Lofty and Flinders Ranges

Bradley Cave & Richard Lilly

A.W.E.S.O.M.E.S, School of Physical Sciences, University of Adelaide


Petrology, X-ray Tomography and Trace Element Analysis of Sulphides from the Mount Isa Cu-Pb-Zn Interface

Alicia Caruso

The University of Adelaide, Caroline Tiddy (The University of South Australia, Future Industries Institute), Ken Clarke (The University of Adelaide), Megan Lewis (The University of Adelaide) and Investigator Resources


Initial evaluation of soil geochemistry and regolith mapping in the southern Gawler Ranges

Adrienne Brotodewo

University of South Australia


Geochemical exploration criteria of zircon within basement and cover sequences

Maddison Booth

Richard Lilly (UoA) , Peter Rolley (Hillgrove Resources)


Distribution & mineralogical association of Au at the Kanmantoo Cu-Au deposit

Darwinaji Subarkah

Morgan L. Blades, Alan S. Collins, Bo Yang, Juraj Farkas, Grant Cox, Eilidh Cassidy


The Forgotten Mesoproterozoic of Northern Australia: A chemostratigraphy and detrital zircon study of the Favenc Package, greater McArthur Basin.

Alistair Griffin

Richard Lilly (UoA), Gilby Jepson (UoA), Stijn Glorie (UoA)


U-Pb Geochronology and geochemistry of apatite within the Marshall Shear Zone of the Ernest Henry Deposit, NW Queensland.

South Australian Exploration and Mining Conference ADELAIDE CONVENTION CENTRE ADELAIDE - SOUTH AUSTRALIA 7 December 2018
South Australian Exploration and Mining Conference ADELAIDE CONVENTION CENTRE ADELAIDE - SOUTH AUSTRALIA 7 December 2018