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Geological Survey

Geological Survey

What is the meaning of Geological Survey?

It is the study of minerals of a certain area. It may be an entire country or a part of that country. It will involve a ton of geologists trying to determine something out of the ordinary. Either it happened in the past or it is going to happen in the future. Whatever it is, you know they will put a lot of effort into proving their theory.

What is a geological study?

It is the study of the planet’s natural resources like water, energy, and natural disasters like volcano eruptions and tornadoes. For example, it can use a bunch of instruments studying a volcano after it shows signs that is going to erupt in the future.

What are some geological events?

It is some sudden movement on the surface of the earth. One good example would be an earthquake that has tremendous effects on human life. If you want to talk about a life-changing geological event, then how about the day the Earth was formed. it would be hard to determine the exact date that happened, but it can be several centuries ago. Another one was when the dinosaurs were wiped out from the planet. Nobody knows how that happened, but it was most likely due to a comet that blasted the planet. Whether something like that will happen again is anybody’s guess.

How do you create a geological map?

The first step would be to make an observation and make a drawing out of it. A simple sketch would be fine as long as you are letting everyone know the message. The second step would be to measure the position of the rocks from a near distance. The right materials must be used to do the recording. The next step would be to record the observation in a notebook. Whatever happens, you must not lose the notebook or all that would have been for nothing.

What are the types of surveying?

The land is the first type of surveying as it involves a ton of people collecting samples in a parcel of soil testing. The next would be mapping as it involves making a map out of where you would be doing the geological survey. All the geologists would go there to try and achieve the mission. Mining is another type of surveying where environmental engineers would go deep down a passage to somewhere that something may be discovered. Of course, there is always a 60% chance of that happening, but they would always want to risk it.

What does the Geological Survey of India do?

It implements the study of natural science for a long time. They are an organization that has been using high-tech tools to provide earth science information to the government. It can be about the next natural disaster or it can also be about minerals that are circling the earth as we speak. It can also be a discovery that will shatter the records out there.