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Exploration and mining

Exploration and mining

What is an exploration in mining?

Exploration Is a geological process that is used in collecting and analyzing information that will form the basis of identifying mineral deposits for economic purposes. The expenditure of exploration Is used in Determining the sustainability of the mining activities by accessing key risks and potential growth. Therefore, there is a need to identify the resources that will be used in exploration.

What is the importance of different stages of exploration?

The different stages of exploration involve systematic evaluation of mineral projects that will make the investors know about the project that will be a basis for making decisions. This will determine if the project will proceed or not. Therefore, during every exploration stage, there is a need to determine the necessary logistics based on the existence of the deposits and the location of the mineral deposits. This will be influenced by the geometry in the area where the mineral deposits are found. This requires the implementation of techniques and programs that will form a framework of a successful exploration Leading to an efficient mining process.

What is the difference between prospecting and exploration?

Prospecting is the first stage of geological analysis for minerals. This process relies on Observations using Geochemical and geophysical tools to prospect an area before samples are taken, stated geotechnical engineering SA. However direct observation is still widely used but there are modern techniques that have been introduced to make this process effective and reliable. Geochemical prospecting is used in tracing elements that have chemical properties.

On the other hand, exploration is a science of prospecting where sophisticated and other modern tools are used in search of information that will lead to qualitative analysis of minerals that are found in a particular area. Different techniques are used based on the proximity of the minerals and the type of mineral deposits. Drilling of prope holes technique is widely used in exploration.

What are the four types of mining?

The following are types of mining

Surface mining

Surface mining involves the removal of soil and plant life to allow access to mineral deposits. This method is normally used for non-precious shallow deposits.

underground mining

This method is usually used for deeper mineral deposits whereby it involves the creation of shafts and tunnel to be able to access the minerals. The mineral is then brought to the surface using some techniques so that then they can be processed. Additionally, there are various types of underground mining. They are based on the process used to get the minerals and the technique of extraction and the tools that are used during the process.

Placer mining

This type of mining is usually done in sedimentary environments sands and riverbeds because it involves sifting the mineral deposit from sediments that are formed through wind action or withering process.

In-situ mining

This type of mining can be also referred to as solution mining where it involves pumping of chemicals to the mineral deposits which will dissolve the ore containing the minerals to allow it to be extracted and processed. The good thing about this technique is that it doesn’t produce lots of waste and there is little disturbance on the surface. However, there is a need to ensure that the ore containing minerals should be permeable.

Why is mining bad for the environment?

Mining is bad for the environment because it leads to air pollution. During extraction, dust is emitted to the atmosphere making an air unfit leading to respiratory diseases. Additionally, the excavated land can accumulate water which leads dams when there is rain hence it can be dangerous if not protected. The land will also be damaged as a result of excavation hence it is bad for the environment.

What equipment is needed for mine exploration?

Having the right exploration equipment will determine the success of the process. That is why there is a need to have the tools and equipment that are used by the surveyors and exploration geologists. Some of this equipment includes a range finder, flagging tapes, the core boxes, surface Markers, reducers and crushers, splitters, and drills.

What are the steps of the mining process?

The following are the tips that are used in the mining process

Prospecting and exploration

Development stage


Closure and reclamation