Exploration and mining

What is an exploration in mining? Exploration Is a geological process that is used in collecting and analyzing information that will form the basis of identifying mineral deposits for economic purposes. The expenditure of exploration Is used in Determining the sustainability of the mining activities by accessing key risks and potential growth. Therefore, there is a need to identify the […]

Geological Survey

What is the meaning of Geological Survey? It is the study of minerals of a certain area. It may be an entire country or a part of that country. It will involve a ton of geologists trying to determine something out of the ordinary. Either it happened in the past or it is going to happen in the future. Whatever […]

Networking and Business Opportunities

What is a networking opportunity? It is an opportunity to expand your network in your industry. It is usually an event where a lot of people attend, and you can give your business card to the attendees to meet new people. What are the benefits of networking in business? One benefit is that you can get supplies at such a […]


What is a workshop event? It is an event where a lot of people most notably the participants would learn new things. The way the speaker will teach things will depend on that person. Of course, there are a lot of fun ways by which that can happen. What are the types of a workshop? The first type of workshop […]